Interactive Fiction

Dying World

Rutun, Pola, and Walek have just lost their father to a tragic mining accident. With his last breaths he warns them that the “accidents” are only going to get worse. They need to escape from the mining colony as soon as possible. It’s an easy request for a dying parent to make but fulfilling it will take hard work, cunning, and more than a little bloodletting as company security pulls out and rival syndicates muscle in to pick the colony’s bones clean.

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Time Capsule 271

It’s been 271 years since the Dawn of Order and things are anything but orderly. Nobles chafe under the iron rule of Primarq Zufra. Volkas criminal syndicates are emboldened by gaps in the Protectorate fleets. Ordinary people fight to scrape by. Time Capsule 271 lets you explore the Qhami through the viewpoints of ten different people–from a mejikástoa songdancers to a Kitazr spy-assassin.

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