Second Drafts

I’ve finished the second draft of the second book in the trilogy. My new plan is to finish a second draft of all three books, get them to my writing group for critique (they’re currently about 75% done with book 2) and then go back to book 1 and edit the crap out of that … Continue reading Second Drafts

First Draft Done

After 50 months of writing, I have finished the first draft (discovery draft) of each of the three books in the Fate of the Qhami trilogy. I’m currently revising the first book to get it ready for beta readers and eventually publishing. I plan to have it out to beta readers by the summer of … Continue reading First Draft Done

A Page a Day

I’ve averaged a little less than a page a day for the last two years or so. Some months have been better than others. I’ve finished a first draft of Book One and I’m about 50,000 words into a first draft on Book Two. I did start a second draft of Book One but stopped … Continue reading A Page a Day

Side Quest

I finished a “Choose Your Own Adventure” type book (I loved those as a kid) for my nephews. Originally it was supposed to be a Christmas gift (I started in November 2012–one month for a novella? Who was I kidding?). The story revealed some very interesting characters. I’m convinced now that this can be its … Continue reading Side Quest

Setting Events

I’m amazed at how much of what the story is has come from just a question of setting: when does it take place? That makes me ask, “how do they measure time?” Well, there must be some kind of important event from which they measure time. That spawned the Dawn of Order. And from that … Continue reading Setting Events