Time Capsule 271

Choose Your Character

The Navigator

A navigator for a Volkas ship must avoid Protectorate warships…and avoid putting her nose where it doesn’t belong.

The Pirate

This Elaidim pirate is a scourge over Tol Kaiza. She’s tough, but secretly she just wants puppies.

The Baller

Khaswuli is “the great game” and only the best play in the High League. How did this guy get in?

The Songdancer

His family doesn’t know he’s left a good job to join a mejikástoa troupe. If everything goes well, they’ll never know.

The Assassin

Kitazr–the Primarq’s army of spy-assassins–are masters of creating “accidental” death but this kill will stretch her to the breaking point.

The Noble

Plotting to overthrow the Primarq could get him killed…or it could put him on the throne.